Content Marketing in 2014: Will it Survive?

‘CONTENT IS KING’, it seems like we have grown up hearing this saying. Isn’t it? Brands have been reaping the benefits of content since years and the only change I have observed is in the way consumers now consume content and the strategies followed by content marketers. There are 93 per cent of B2B marketers who were using content marketing in 2013. In fact, 35 per cent of marketing professionals focused on content marketing, followed by social media at 25 per cent. According to Forbes, 82 per cent of businesses plan to increase their budget for content marketing in 2014.

I believe content still rules the world of online marketing. Yes, the strategies have changed but that’s owing to the changing information needs of the consumers. While the fundamentals of good content remain the same, the channels and tactics will keep evolving. So what do brands need to do in the current year? I think in order to be successful; all it requires is a focus content strategy, execution and distribution to suit the ever changing demands of target audience.

Let’s explore the content marketing trends and strategies to be followed in the year 2014 in order to remain ahead of the competition. This infographic designed by Media-Mosaic, gives an overview of how content marketing is going to be in this year.

So before you jump on to kick start your content marketing, take a look at this infographic to understand where content is heading in this year.

The key trends pointed out in this IG are:

  1. Bigger Budgets: With the kind of traffic and leads generated by content marketing, marketers allocated 39 per cent of their sales budget to content marketing in 2013 and it is surely going to increase in this year too.
  2. Visual Content will Rock: Visual storytelling has been loved by people since ages. So instead of directing their efforts on textual content, visual content like infograpghics and videos will be the area of focus for marketers this year.
  3. Blogs, Blogs and Blogs: Blogs are my favorite and are loved by people too. Marketers who have blogs on their websites have seen tremendous growth in traffic than those who do not. Thus, blogs continue to play key role in content marketing mix.
  4. Google Analytics: In order to track performance of different marketing campaigns, Google analytics will be used by marketers in this year. This is imperative from strategic planning point of view.
  5. Social Media: Needless to say, Social Media has given voice to brands. It’s so much easy to reach your consumers via social media channels. Thus, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin and Instagram will dominate content marketing strategies in 2014.



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